Draoust: The Dragon Jousting game

SRE(non registered) is developing the game Draoust

This is the game being developed for the Ouya game console as the primary platform. The game had a prototype competition
for CREATE game jam by Killscreen and Ouya.

Fly in the sky bouncing on enemies and friends or just take a chomp out of them. If you get too tired rest on a cloud floating by. However
don't rest too long or you may find your self plummeting to the earth below. Play up to 2 player cooperative for an endless assault of dragon
eating fairies or challenge up to 3 other players(4 total) for pvp player mayhem.

The game was started on 20/Jan/2013 and uploaded to the competition 23/Jan/2013.

Planned features
Wave Challenge: 1 - 2 Players, 5/10/20 Waves, Complete as fast as possible
Puzzle Challenge: 1 Player, 24-48 puzzle levels(depending on creativity)
Endless Wave: 1 - 2 Players, Highest wave and score
Duel Mode: 2 - 4 Players
Hot Join: 1 - 4 Players

Prototype problems :(
Unsure of which buttons are working on the Ouya. Because of this the "UP" on the DPAD is also used as the "FLAP" button if none of the OUYA buttons work
Collision problems if the performance is not sufficient. Possible for the player collision boxes to hit themselves. This causes unwanted flight behaviour and consistent loss of HP.
On android testing device(Acer A500, gamepad buttons will exit the game)
Has only been tested on Acer A500 Tegra2 chip. No known results on the Ouya.

Playing the Web version

Tested with keyboard and xbox360 controller


Keyboard Left: A/D(left/right) Flap(F), Shoot(G)
Keyboard Right: ArrowKeys(left/right) Flap(Enter), Shoot(')
XboxController: Left Analog or DPAD(left/right) Flap(A), Shoot(B)

Game Rules

one to four players, but only managed to test 3(2 keyboards and 1 controller)
Watch out you don't run out of stamina
Once your HP is 0 or less stamina will not restore by any form of rest
bouncing on fairies will restore 5 stamina and 1 fireball
biting fairies will restore 10 stamina and 2 fireballs
flapping uses 5 stamina
shooting uses 3 stamina
stamina is restored 1 per second and while standing on a cloud at a rate of 5 per second