Construct 2 Theme

For those who use Construct 2. I created a theme for the newly stable release 132.

Omen Theme


Well today I lost a lot of time working on performance. After hours of testing resolution outputs and scaling options in the game engine(not in house) a reliable speed performance was found. it's nothing super amazing, but should be plenty for our game development and testing purposes.

Addendum. Not super amazing compared to native rendering, but super awesome for my simpler games :) On top that this will be mostly a Tegra 3 game on the Ouya and various desktop distribution. Everything is peachy :)

Beta Flight implemented

Well the new flight system works like a charm. Now using Box2d instead of the prototype mario like platformer makes the arcade like flight more fulfilling, difficult and fun. Also managed to include physics "jumpthru" like behaviour so that clouds are not solid. however the one catch is that standing on a platform doesn't let the player move with it. Might tinker with it or I might just let it be unless it's really required.

Beta Flight

Drouast is currently having a rework of the flight system. many others of the basic features are now working and other problems from the prototype solved. This some elbow grease the near future will have a new playable sample and the full Hot Join playable :)

Draoust: The Dragon Jousting game

SRE(non registered) is developing the game Draoust

This is the game being developed for the Ouya game console as the primary platform. The game had a prototype competition
for CREATE game jam by Killscreen and Ouya.

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